Note Taking Program

Welcome to the Note taking program website. You can use this site to:

• Request a note taker; you will have the ability to select the course(s) in which you would like a note taker

Please read the agreement for utilizing your note taker accommodation:

• Disability Resources will seek out a willing note taker from the other students in your class.

•When a note taker volunteers, we will have them provide course notes directly to you.

• You may use an audio recorder until a Note Taker has been secured.

• If you already know of someone you would like to take notes for you, you are responsible for sending that person to DR to sign a Note Taker contract.

• The student receiving services is responsible for informing DR should they or their Note Taker drop the class.

• Attendance is required of both the student receiving services and the Note Taker.

• The student receiving services is responsible for informing DR if the notes they are receiving from their note taker are unsatisfactory.

Suggestions for finding a Note Taker:

• Ask a fellow student in class.

• Ask the Instructor if he/she would recommend a fellow student to take notes.

If a Note Taker is NOT found:

• Contact Disability Resources so the coordinator and student can work toward another solution.

Please select the Courses/Notes tab at the top of the page to begin this process